My name is Stan :)
I make games, mods, and tools.

RoZoSho 2017 Level 1

Sci-fi FPS with humans VS robots VS zombies. I designed the first level with a team of artists. The core functionality was given, the level specifics were coded by myself.

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Ember Skies

Swipe tiles around to find a path through each level in this little mobile puzzle game.

Currently in open alpha!

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Spirits of The Dreaming Tree

A 3D platformer with 2D gameplay. I was one of the two programmers accompanying 3 artists to make this short tribe-culture-inspired game in 2 and a half days.

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In a nutshell…



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Critical thinker

Experience with…

Multidisciplinary teams
Existing codebases
Unity mobile development
Basic game design
Scrum process

Complete Overview?

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I, me, and myself

Hi, I’m a game developer and software engineering student. Over the years I’ve gotten some experience in working with teams big and small with varying types of people to create cool stuff, be it games, websites, pc software, or just side projects. 

In my spare time, you’ll likely find me throwing myself into random self-study topics like health, politics, economy, and productivity. I also enjoy playing piano, playing games with my friends, and watching the latest films in the cinema.

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Thanks for stopping by. Did you like my work? Would you like me to contribute to your project in the near future? Even if you simply want to talk about game development, please, don’t hesitate to poke my inbox.

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